Wing, Raven and Dove talk about Sweet Valley Twins 41: The Twins Get Caught. They also discuss Bleak Valley and how the book ties into this theory.

Music is provided by Stuart Taylor, who can be contacted on if you wish to commission music.

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[Raven: This podcast marks the day where we are finally in sync with the recaps! So, going forward, it’s Recap on Monday, followed by podcast about the same book on Friday. This pattern rotates for three weeks, then we have a week away from Sweet Valley to explore other Nostalgic Bookshelf content. Next week we have Jessica’s Secret, the week after we have Elizabeth’s First Kiss, and the week after that… stay tuned to find out!]

Looking back at things I've enjoyed, and smashing them to pieces with the Snark-Hammer. Lover of games of every stripe and hue. NOT A REAL BIRD.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Valley Twins Podcast Episode 21: The Twins Get Caught

  1. Sorry, Raven, could you please complete the list of upcoming books that you guys are excited about? I feel like you missed a few…

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