My Little Pony: Through the Door (S01E47-48)
My Little Pony / 13th August 2019

Dove recaps My Little Pony: Through the Door (S01E47-48) wherein fairy tale characters visit Ponyland, and the baby ponies are taught the Dance of the Seven Veils. That’s not hyperbole. That is literally what happens.

My Little Pony: The Revolt of Paradise Estate (S01E45-46)
My Little Pony / 24th July 2019

The Ponies are terrible slobs and fail to do any upkeep or property improvement on their vast land holdings, so Paradise Estate (and its contents) rise up again their equine oppressors. There’s some kind of magic paint involved and yet another character who wants to steal the Ponies’ home. Wash, rinse, repeat.