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My Little Pony: Fugitive Flowers (S01E38-39)

My Little Pony (Gen 1)
My Little Pony (Gen 1)

Title: Fugitive Flowers

Summary: Posey finds some sentient flowers wandering around her garden and offers them shelter and water, but she has no idea what they have in store for her to repay her kindness. After the Flouries have taken Masquerade hostage, they are on their way to sucking the life out of Dream Valley unless the ponies can stop them.

Initial Thoughts

We are only five stories (nine episodes) from the end of this season! And next season only has thirteen episodes. Well, each season has two more, but thankfully, bat and I already recapped Catrina and Midnight Castle, because bat knew the order they should go in, not the order the DVD showed them. We’re making progress. [bat: Slow, excruciatingly slow, progress.]

I mean, admittedly, there are two other series we have to slog through, but I feel like we’re getting somewhere. Having 50 episodes in season 1 was just killer. It’s made me feel like we were going to be trapped on season 1 forever.

I don’t remember this episode at all, but I’m hoping that it’s good. Would it kill the writers to do something that doesn’t suck? The last time I enjoyed an episode was Catrina. You know, the second thing we recapped. Back in June 2018. Nearly a year ago.