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Sweet Valley Twins #50: Jessica and the Secret Star

by Raven 28 May 2018

Raven recaps Jessica and the Secret Star, in which he writes LIMERICKS. Everyone loves limericks, right?

Dungeons & Dragons 2: The Eye of the Beholder

by Raven 22 March 2018

Raven recaps Dngeons & Dragons Episode 2: The Eye of the Beholder. Poor fella must hate chopping onions.

Dungeons & Dragons #1: The Night of No Tomorrow

by Raven 24 January 2018

Raven recaps Dungeons & Dragons Episode 1: The Night of No Tomorrow, and nearly puts his fist through the screen. Come behold his breakdown!

Sweet Valley Twins #38: Lois Strikes Back

by Raven 15 January 2018

Raven recaps Sweet Valley Twins #38: Lois Strikes Back, in which Sweet Valley’s resident fatso climbs on a bike in the name of charity…