My Little Pony: Somnambula (S02E11-12)
My Little Pony ‘n Friends / 20th October 2020

bat recaps My Little Pony: Somnambula (S02E11-12) – BIG BROTHER (Ponies) ARE BACK, BABY! Where did they go and why? Who cares! But the Ponies’ celebration plans are interrupted by, yet again, another villain. This one has a magic bird! How amazing!

Suburban Jersey Ninja She-Devils #1 by Steve Gerber
Other Comics / 22nd June 2020

Title: Suburban Jersey Ninja She-Devils – “Jagged Image” Writer: Steve Gerber Pencils: Amanda Conner Inks: Jeff Albrecht Colors: Michael Higgins Letters: Janice Chiang Editor: Terry Kavanagh Editor-In-Chief: Tom DeFalco Summary: A group of suburban ninjas must face a demonic threat in New Jersey. Initial Thoughts With the American Girl recaps finally done, I can freely focus on doing 90s comic recaps without feeling guilt. This particular recap’s been left unfinished since 2018. Suburban Jersey Ninja She-Devils is one of my favorite one-shot comics from the 90s, and it is bizarre as the title leads you to believe. Its two immediate claims to fame are being written by Steve Gerber and penciled by Amanda Conner. Gerber’s famous for co-creating Man-Thing and Howard the Duck, while Conner would go on to be recognized as THE Power Girl artist and one-half of the modern day creative team behind the current Harley Quinn mythos (alongside her husband Jimmy Palmiotti). It’s a little weird, because you can recognize Conner’s artwork but this is back when she had more of an adult Archie Comics vibe (well before Riverdale and the rebooted line). The title immediately brings to mind Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja…