The Last Vampire #3: Red Dice by Christopher Pike
The Last Vampire / 15th March 2018

Title: The Last Vampire #3: Red Dice by Christopher Pike Summary: Alisa and her former FBI partner, Joel, learn of a government plan to capture them in order to steal and analyze their vampire blood for the purpose of duplicating it, and when Joel is caught, Alisa risks her life to free him. Tagline: This time the world hunted her… Initial Thoughts I remember nothing about this book. I know I’ve read it. I’ve probably even read it multiple times, though not since my early 20s, if not even before that. But I have no idea what the plot is here, or even who, besides Alisa, is around. ALISA NEVER GONNA DIE BECAUSE I’M GODDAMN PERNE IS BACK. Let’s do this. READ AT DEVIL’S ELBOW

Last Vampire #2: Black Blood by Christopher Pike
The Last Vampire / 15th February 2018

Title: Last Vampire #2: Black Blood by Christopher Pike Summary: Believing that she and her partner, Ray, are the last remaining vampires, five-thousand-year-old Alisa is stunned when she learns about a series of brutal murders in the United States that can only be the work of their own kind. Tagline: The wave of death spread like a plague… Initial Thoughts I know I’ve read this one before, but I have no memory of what happens. Apparently, my memory, like the last book, ends in that cliffhanger of whether Alisa will live or die. I mean, I’m assuming she lives, considering there’s still a number of books to go, but I suppose Ray could be the new last vampire. But I doubt it. Reminder: Last book ended with Sita: breaking her vow to Krishna and making another vampire; blowing up Yaksha, her creator; accidentally getting impaled by a piece of wood; and potentially dying in true peace because she realises she didn’t actually break her vow to Krishna. ALISA I’M BETTER THAN ALL Y’ALL PERNE ROUND TWO. Let’s do this.   READ AT DEVIL’S ELBOW

Graveyard School #6: Camp Dracula by Tom B. Stone
Graveyard School / 13th February 2018

Title: Graveyard School #6 – Camp Dracula a.k.a. “The Purple Bear Jamboree” Author: Tom B. Stone/Nola Thacker/D.E. Athkins Cover Artist: Barry Jackson Summary: Camp At Your Own Risk! Welcome to camp – Camp Dracula, as Jeep Holmes jokingly calls it. [Wing: JEEP.] Jeep may be joking, but he isn’t laughing. He can’t take this weird new summer place! Never mind that the counselors always wear dark glasses and the activities are all at night. What bothers him most are the other campers, a bunch of sickly-looking creeps who like to keep bats in the bunks! Why did his parents send him to this horrific place? Will Jeep make it through the summer without going batty? Initial Thoughts And now we get back into the chronological order of things (at least for a little bit), but hey, this is a vampire book, and what goes better with February than vampires? This is the first book in the series to take place outside of the school and Grove Hill, and the first summer-themed story. I mentioned there were only two camp-related books, and it’s interesting it would involve vampires since they’re nocturnal by nature and camp tales take place mostly during the day. This is also the first to…