Welcome to Nostalgic Bookshelf


Welcome to NostalgicBookshelf.com, where we recap all sorts of nostalgic media from our childhoods. After much debate, Wing set the hard rule that “nostalgic” means it must be at least ten years old. [Wing: Oh, yeah, throw me under the bus. This is starting off well.]

We currently recap: The Baby-Sitters Club by Ann M. Martin, Making Out by Katherine Applegate (and Michael Grant), Enid Blyton books (including Famous Five and Malory Towers), the Dungeons & Dragons television show, and anything else that strikes our fancy. In the future, we’ll add Baywatch, Dawson’s Creek, My Little Pony (generations 1-3), Fighting Fantasy by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, Jem, and more.

This site is owned by Dove, Raven, and Wing, who you may know from their recaps on The Devil’s Elbow or Sweet Valley Online, which are both now a part of the Nostalgic Bookshelf network. (Devil’s Elbow: Where evil twins and friends come together to lovingly snark Point Horror and other teen genre fiction. Sweet Valley Online: Evil triplets take on Sweet Valley one book at a time.)

We have a number of guest recappers across all three sites, including: Bat, Dade, Donna, Jude, Necromommycon, Rosey, TheeCountOlaf, Tuesday, and Virgin.

Our format: One person writes each recap, but any of the other recappers may comment throughout, which adds to the discussion, snark, and Wing Goes Boom moments that make up this fun nostalgic community. We’ve had a great experience with readers.

Our schedule: At least one recap a week posted here and at Sweet Valley Online and The Devil’s Elbow. At the beginning of each month, we’ll update the recap list for that month in case you want to read along with us.

If you have ever wanted to be a part of this nostalgic recapping, podcasting, and discussions, or if you have any questions or comments, email us at management@nostalgicbookshelf.com.