Nostalgic Bookshelf

Snarky recaps of nostalgic media, including Making Out, Baywatch, Blyton and Baby-Sitter's Club
[The Famous Five] The Famous Five #8: Five Get Into Trouble (17 Oct 2018) By necromommycon

Necromommycon recaps The Famous Five #8: Five Get Into Trouble wherein the official summary is absolute nonsense, and the Five are the most organised kidnap victims in the world.

[American Girls] Molly Book #4: Happy Birthday, Molly! – A Springtime Story by Valerie Tripp (11 Oct 2018) By jude

Jude recaps American Girls: Happy Birthday, Molly!

[Making Out] Making Out #9: Zoey Plays Games by Katherine Applegate (and Michael Grant!) (10 Oct 2018) By Rosey

Title: Zoey Plays Games Front Blurb: Life was bliss for Zoey and Lucas until Aaron showed up on the island. Now Aaron wants Zoey. Claire wants Aaron and Zoey’s got a secret that EVERYONE is talking about. How long before Lucas finds out that Zoey Plays Games Back Blurb: Zoey plays games with Aaron and… read more

[My Little Pony] My Little Pony: The Ghost of Paradise Estate – Parts 3-4 (S01E13-14) (9 Oct 2018) By Dove

Dove recaps the final two parts of The Ghost of Paradise Estate, wherein there are a lot of nets, water and geography as the plot requires.

[The Baby-Sitters Club] Baby-Sitters Club #9: The Ghost at Dawn’s House by Ann M. Martin (3 Oct 2018) By Wing

Wing recaps Baby-Sitters Club #9: The Ghost at Dawn’s House by Ann M. Martin, and it is a sweet, kind, adorable semi-ghost story with a horrible lack of logic at one point. <3 Dawn.