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Snarky recaps of nostalgic media, including Making Out, Baywatch, Blyton and Baby-Sitter's Club
[Batman] Batman #181: Beware of Poison Ivy by Robert Kanigher (20 Mar 2019) By jude

It’s spring and to celebrate, Jude recaps Batman #181: Beware of Poison Ivy by Robert Kanigher.

[My Little Pony] My Little Pony: Little Piece of Magic (S01E30) (12 Mar 2019) By bat

Title: Little Piece of Magic Summary: Several Baby Ponies, who are only identified as such by their smaller statures and the fact they cannot speak proper grammatical English, spend the afternoon playing imagination games. Or are they really just some metaphorical acid trip? Grade: F- Initial Thoughts: …wasn’t I just here? Didn’t we just take… read more